Flexibility To Build Up Around Existing Job



Alison has spent her whole working life in the tax profession but, after nearly 20 years, she decided that she wanted a better lifestyle and to pursue her dream.

Alison had wanted to run her own business for a number of years. However, she couldn’t see an easy transition, until she found Scamps & Champs! The Scamps & Champs franchise network has given her the confidence and the flexibility to build a business before having to give up her existing job.

“When I did decide that I wanted to run my own business I realised that I wouldn’t have a problem with setting up systems and running it, as I’ve always been a very organised person, but my main concern was actually getting the business off the ground and getting customers in order to be able to make a living from it. I wasn’t sure how to manage the transition without putting myself into financial difficulty. I thought it was always destined to just be a pipe dream!

Scamps & Champs gave me the opportunity to start something part-time, alongside my existing job so that I can continue to bring in a wage whilst still building my business. Scamps & Champs provided me with absolutely essential support in sales and advertising as well as the business model itself so I started to see how my business could become a reality.

This business will give me a much better working life and more enjoyment.“
Looking to build a business around your current job? Book a Free Discovery Session and see how Scamps & Champs could work for you.

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